Year End 2018 – top tips

Tax planning is always best done throughout the year, rather than in a mad scramble in June.

I know the various blogs & newsletters posted over the year have triggered most of you into action already. However, I also know tax planning sometimes gets forgotten.

Therefore I have put below some headings and links to prior blogs for you to have a quick read through and potentially action.

If you have any questions, think you might have forgotten something, or your circumstances have changed and you have not already told me, please give me a call. There is still time – just!

In no particular order, here are the top 8 tax saving tips for 2018

  1. Tax deductible personal super contributions
  2. Non- concessional $100k pa super contributions
  3. $20k fixed asset write off for businesses – last chance
  4. Consider prepaying tax deductible expenses & interest
  5. Visit your rental property, 2018 is the last year this is potentially tax deductible
  6. Buy your hearing aids. The net medical offset is still available although only for disability aids, attendant care and aged care fees.
  7. Are you eligible for the super co-contribution ? $500 free money could be yours
  8. Spouse contributions may save you $540 in tax

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