Tax Offset for those with a Spouse

Do you have a spouse? Would you like to pay $540 less tax?

If the answer to both of these is yes then read on as it is still possible to get a tax offset for superannuation contributions made on behalf of your spouse. It’s free money from the government, so if funds allow, why not do it?

To be eligible for the offset you need to fulfil these requirements

  1. The income test – the receiving spouse’s income must be less then $37,000 (from 1 July 2017)
  2. The age test – the receiving spouse must be under age 65 if not working.
  3. The residency test – both of you must be Australian resident

The definition of Spouse includes de-facto and same sex couples as long as you are living together. The maximum rebate is achieved by contributing $3,000.

The contribution is not taxed on entering the fund and counts towards the spouses’ $180k non concessional cap.


Transfer up to $3,000 from your personal bank account into your spouses’ superfund ensuring you use the correct BPay code for a spouse contribution. Make the transfer prior to 30 June. Keep the receipt of transfer to included in your 2018 tax return to claim the offset.

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