PAYG Summaries

Don’t forget that if you have employees you need to give them a PAYG summary for the year by the 14 July & report to the ATO. These should be prepared after the June payroll has been run.

The ATO may have already sent you paper forms (they are pink) to complete which you can use. Alternatively, if you are using MYOB follow these instructions. If you are using Xero then follow these. If you need help uploading the resultant empdupe files then email it to me and I can upload it for you via the portal. If you get stuck or have queries call me.

Make sure you keep copies of both the employees statements and the summary statement. We will need them.

Beware, as the most common errors people make are:

  • the box called reportable employer superannuation contributions – this should NOT include the 9.5% SGC, only salary sacrificed amounts.
  • forgetting to prepare a PAYG summary for employees that have left in the year
  • If you are registered for payroll but have no employees failing to lodge a nil summary form

If you are your only employee you can relax, as we can lodge your forms later when preparing your tax return.

If you are a sole trader and don’t employ anyone else you can ignore this email.

Lindsay 0413 952180


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