Welcome to Carolyn

It is with sadness that we have to say goodbye to the lovely Kerri. After working with me for over 6 years, and with the kids now old enough (allegedly) to look after themselves, she has decided to go back to the corporate world of trading which is what she did pre family.

We will miss her enormously, however I am delighted to welcome Carolyn as her replacement.

I have known Carolyn for many years as she is the singer in the band in which I play keyboards. She is busy learning the ropes and will be working 2 days a week.

Our new email for admin is carolyn@lindsaybridgland.com.au. The prior email for Kerri has been disabled, so if you have sent her something since last Friday and received a bounce message, please resend the email to the new address.

Lindsay 0413 952 180

One thought on “Welcome to Carolyn

  1. Assume C will be recording you something for your ‘on hold’ music…? 😂 Go well Kerri and Welcome Carolyn K

    Kate Corcoran + 61 407 996 069 mob

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