Keep checking your turnover

Finally – in week 8 of the lockdown, clients are starting to receive their Covid Grants and Jobsaver payments. Why it has taken so long for Service NSW to process is anyone’s guess, but well done for hanging in there.

So if you are already successfully claiming JobSaver or the MicroBusiness Grant then you can ignore this blog post. There is nothing more for you to do at this point.

However, if you were previously unable to claim due to your turnover not dropping by the required 30% then there may be something you can do if business has dropped off recently.

As the lockdown period has been extended, so has the period of time you can look at to see if your turnover has dropped by 30%.

So now, in Greater Sydney for example, we are looking for a turnover drop of 30% in any 2 week period between 26th June and 28th August when compared to the same dates in 2019. No doubt this will also be extended to include September but the Service NSW website does not reflect this yet.

So, keep checking your turnover to see if you qualify and if you need assistance please call me.

Lindsay 0413 952 180

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