NSW Business Covid Payments Week 4

Today saw the details being released for the Covid JobSaver and the MicroBusiness Grant which both start from week 4 of the NSW lockdown. The Covid 19 Business Grant which opened last week covered weeks 1 to 3, and for employees (including business owners) there is the ongoing disaster payment.

All of these are being administered by Service NSW, who have chosen to recreate the wheel instead of using last year’s ATO rules. Currently there seem to be many spokes of this wheel missing as there are heaps of unknown details and questions to be answered. There are some general conditions your business needs to meet and most will need an accountant’s letter to verify the drop in turnover.

By way of a change, and to try and make this more understandable, I leapt out of bed this morning, grabbed my pencil and drew you a diagram of the new reliefs. I hope you like it! Click here to access.

Look forward to hearing from you

Lindsay 0413 952 180

One thought on “NSW Business Covid Payments Week 4

  1. Really impressive flowchart lindsay – I think you should send it to a newspaper and to the NSW government – I’m sure it would help them greatly!

    PS This email is not sarcastic (just in case cos email is so easily misunderstood)



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