My first testimonial from a Kelpie

How gorgeous, grab a cup of tea and read this lovely story, (narrated by my client’s very clever Kelpie), of our financial advice journey together over the past 12 years. It highlights what I do for clients over the long term, and of course it is results like these that make my job so rewarding. Enjoy!

Hello – I’m sure you’re not expecting to read a testimonial by a well-qualified and intelligent kelpie but I thought you may like to know how Lindsay Bridgland has helped my owner, MsK, achieve her financial literacy and investment goals over the past 12 years.

Why am I writing about this?

Because I am ever so grateful for Lindsay’s help and guidance which means that I now live in comfortable and pristine non-COVID retirement at World’s End (the most southernmost part of Tasmania). But let me tell you about how it all happened…..

I arrived in Sydney’s comfortable North Shore from mid-west NSW as a divorce gift by MsK’s young 12-year old son who he thought his mum should have at least one loyal, intelligent and dependable companion in her new single life!

Of course, life was turmoil in these early days but I was encouraged when I saw MsK asking Lindsay Bridgland for advice and help. The issue was that while MsK was excellent at making money for companies, charities and absolutely everyone else, in her personal life she left all these details to her finance industry husband.

What was really encouraging was that in those early days, Lindsay said that her 3-year goal was for MsK to become fully financially literate and that Lindsay would mentor her through this process. And so it happened. Four times a year they met, discussed finances, interest rates, tax, investments, strategies, reviewed progress and speculated and planned for her secure future.

Over the years they negotiated a pathway to enable her to become financially confident and independent without compromising ongoing obligations: mortgage, school fees, healthcare to name a few of those everyday debts.

In 2014, they started planning for her retirement which was based on factors including a sound balanced investment strategy and a tax free capital gain on her home. The timing for her retirement (and my life of luxury) also depended on, for example, the beginnings of an upswing in Sydney house prices and maximising her long service leave payout at the optimum contract time. 

And what happened? Amazingly, she sold her lovely Sydney bush house and packed up before the 2019 bushfires arrived; left Sydney towing her boat the day that the February 2020 floods arrived on Sydney’s leafy North Shore and arrived in southern Tasmania just before the Covid shutdown.

I know that MsK would not have been able to securely retire when she did without Lindsay’s guidance: MsK would come home from her regular financial meetings, energised and optimistic and this helped her focus on their agreed goals.

Of course, I really encouraged my owner to keep on her path as I knew that on retirement she would be home every day to take me to the beach, on the boat and jetski, for walks, swims and the occasional cappuccino.

And the plan worked perfectly.

MsK stuck to the agreed financial plan and finally on 9 February 2020 we arrived at World’s End where the weather is cool, the air is super clean and life is simple and good.

Even today I know MsK and Lindsay speak on a regular basis to manage her investments and tax which means that we all can sleep in peace at our waterside home facing Antarctica.

Personally as a well-trained household working dog, I have to sincerely thank Lindsay for her help over the years – and for reducing MsK’s financial angst and increasing her financial literacy. It certainly has made a difference to our little world.

Of course, if you would like to know more about our new life at World’s End, please visit my blog at: or email me at  I’d be delighted to answer any questions – including on what life is like here at blissful World’s End.


Feathers the Wonder Dog

6 thoughts on “My first testimonial from a Kelpie

  1. Congratulations Lindsay.

    Pauline Langeluddecke PhD MPsych MAPS

    Clinical Psychologist

    PO Box 634

    Rozelle NSW 2039


    Tel: 61 2 9238 0200

  2. Good morning Lindsay,

    What a fabulous story, love hearing success from a middle aged divorcee when so many are left homeless.

    Have a wonderful day, Flora xx


  3. Very smart kelpie

    Team MCEQ [signature_1999739720] M: 0433 247247 E: W: Follow us on facebook

    From: Bridgland & Co Blog Date: Thursday, 19 November 2020 at 8:45 am To: Dee McVicker Subject: [New post] My first testimonial from a Kelpie Lindsay Bridgland posted: ” How gorgeous, grab a cup of tea and read this lovely story, (narrated by my client’s very clever Kelpie), of our financial advice journey together over the past 12 years. It highlights what I do for clients over the long term, and of course it is results”

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