Payroll Year End Action

For those of you paying employees (and/or yourselves) via STP payroll there is a finalisation process that needs to be done by 31th July. (14th July if you have more than 20 employees)

You no longer have to provide PAYG summaries, but you do need to send a final year end report to the ATO using your single touch payroll software of choice.

I have put links to the common payroll software instructions below for you to follow to make life as easy as possible. If you get stuck please call me.

Important things to check when finalising payroll are

  • to make sure you also finalise the pay of employees who may have left mid year.
  • to ensure only salary sacrifice amounts (if applicable) are shown at reportable employer super and
  • that if fringe benefits have been received, the appropriate grossed up value is manually inserted before finalising.

Click here if you are using MYOB Essentials

Click here if you are using Xero

Click here if you are using Reckon

Lastly, in all the excitement, don’t forget to pay the June quarter super – payable by 28th July.

Lindsay 0413 952 180

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