October Reflect


Another busy month of seemingly perpetual motion on this end!

There have been some interesting highlights. The school holidays included a trip to Brisbane to watch short thing compete in a sports aerobics competition. If your daughters are thinking of going down this path, beware. Imagine listening to a well known eighties disco tune, played faster than normal so it sounds like chipmunks, at warp volume and repeated about 50 times! Ear plugs & gin are a must at these events.

As revenge, the family have supported me at two diving competitions that I recently competed in. I have a few new dives (some quite scary) that I will add onto the now “almost viral” you-tube video on the website for all your amusement when I have a moment. I am still doing splendidly well due to the lack of competitors in my age group, however I am still not quite game enough to compete on 3 metre yet! Maybe next time!

On a more serious note, I was recently asked by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Sydney to present a talk about how to setup an accounting practice, and specifically the difficulties & opportunities faced by UK accountants coming to Australia on skilled visas. This is a subject that I can rant on about for quite some time, especially with a glass of wine in hand, as for those who don’t know it took me eight years to jump through various ridiculous hoops to get to where I was when I left England. However, ranting aside, the talk went really well and even more exciting, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales are featuring me in a two page article in their magazine this month. Fame at last!

On the tax sidewe have the newsletter available for the month on the website with lots of tips and tricks for you, so have a look at that when you have a moment – there is always something in it for everyone.

On the investment side the flexi 100 investment is open again for the next few weeks only. This opportunity comes out every 6 months and is often referred to as the no-brainer investment. It really is as good as it appears. I have put together a video explaining this in a bit more detail – it’s very short so please check it out.

So there we have it.

Please feel free to forward to family and friends, and call me if you want to discuss any of these further – 02 8090 4112 or 07 3103 0771.


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