Balance of 2022 Tax is Due

Just a reminder that if you had tax to pay after lodging your personal, company or SMSF 2022 tax return it is due now.

For personal returns you will have received an assessment. Please check your email for details of the amount due and BPAY codes, or check your mygov account for details.

For SMSFs we have sent you a payment slip (generally on brightly coloured paper!) to remind you to pay.

For companies, you will not have received an assessment as the ATO do not issue them. However you would have received a statement and the amount due will be on the first page of the company tax return. You can also check for any amount due by checking the ATO business portal which you can link to your ABN.

We will do a sweep in the next week or so to pick up anyone who has forgotten to pay, however it makes our life easier if you could check and pay first!

Lindsay 0413 952 180

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