ATO is updating Security

As fraud becomes more prevalent, the ATO are updating their security to stop unauthorised agents accessing client business records on the ATO portal.

As this new scheme is rolled out, business owners will receive an email of instructions from the ATO. You need to have your mygovID set up and be able to access your business relationship access manager via online business services.

Once in the RAM you link your business to my agent number and email me that you have done so.

I then have 7 days to accept the invite before it expires.


If you do not action the request when received, we will be removed from your ATO account and will no longer have access to your BAS, super or business details. We will not know when you owe the ATO money and we will not be alerted when your BAS or Tax Return are due.

I have a feeling that this change is unfortunately going to result in lots of things going astray, so please ensure that when you receive the ATO email you action it.

The ATO are proceeding in batches – the first group are multinational or foreign owned companies, next will be those attached to the top 500 wealthy family groups. I have emailed those of you caught in the first batch.


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