Jobsaver – Reconfirming Eligibility

What a lovely surprise for a Monday morning – another unannounced change to the Jobsaver rules!

Those of you claiming JobSaver for your business will have received an email over the weekend requesting that you reconfirm your eligibility to receive the payments. But wait …………………

You are being asked to confirm that your turnover from 13th to 26th September is 30% down when compared to the same dates in 2019, (or alternative period depending on the method you used when you first applied).

As it stands (and this may of course change), that means you can’t do this until the 26th. So relax, go make a cup of tea. Then let’s make sure your MYOB/Xero is up to date so you can get those confirmations done ASAP on the 27th.

If you need assistance please get in touch.

Lindsay 0413 952 180

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