Jobkeeper Urgent Action

As you may have read, recent changes to the Jobkeeper rules mean that you may have employees who, although not eligible previously, are eligible now. The “one in all in” requirement still applies so you cannot choose to ignore this! It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure they have included all eligible employees.

Therefore all employers need to check employee records this weekend to see if any more are eligible. If so, they must be given the employee nomination form by Monday. Then they need to be paid the jobkeeper amounts for the fortnights commencing 3rd August and 17th August. An extension has been given to the 31st August to pay these.

The employer will have these amounts refunded in the following month in the usual way by lodging the employee and turnover declaration with the ATO – deadline 14th Sept.

The changes to eligibility that you must now check are as follows …….

  • Employees are now eligible if they were working for you on the 1st July 2020 (previously this was 1st March) and this includes new employees who may have started after 1st March
  • Casuals must have been working for 12 months by 1 July 2020 (was 1st March)
  • Those who did not pass the age or visa test on 1 March, but who do pass on 1 July are also now eligible

If you require assistance please get in touch.

Lindsay 0413 952 180

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