A few important admin point for all my lovely clients today…..

  1. The final lodgement date for the 2018 returns is only 5 weeks away. If you have not yet provided your paperwork please do so ASAP. Work is done on a first in first served basis. The checklist is here to get you started. Note fines apply for late lodgement. As tax agents have to get 80% of all returns on in time to keep our licence, persistent late lodgers will be asked to leave!
  2. Expect to receive in the post your annual offer to take part in our tax audit insurance cover. These are sent directly to you by the insurance company, so please respond and pay them in the normal manner should you wish to take up cover. The cover is for $10k of our fees should you be audited. I recommend it for everyone but especially those with rental properties, high work deductions, family trusts, overseas income or overseas bank transfers.
  3. Check out the budget update on the website – not a very exciting budget (and  given the upcoming election most of it will never be enacted) but of most interest is the increase for businesses of the small asset write off to $30k from budget night.

Any questions please call

Lindsay 0413 952 180

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