Outrageous Power Bills ?

Not much to do with tax today, but if your power bills, like ours, seem to be getting higher and higher try this….

Get hold of your last power bill, go to this website & pop in your usage details. This is the government website, not the one with the irritating meerkats which will hound you forever if you put your details in!

You are not changing electricity provider, just the people providing the bills, so changing is easy. Prepared to be amazed, you can get up to 50% off the standard rates, as long as you pay on time, due to recent legislative changes.

Then as a special treat after all that hard work & hopefully money saved, I thought you might like a look at what I got up to a couple of weekends ago. It was the most scary thing I have done since my 3m springboard diving days, but a great challenge to be out of my comfort zone. Once done I was still smiling the following Tuesday!

Click here for entertainment – especially at jump 2!!


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