Updates & Deadlines

A few reminders and pointers for you as we race towards June ..

  1. All our clients will shortly be receiving an offer to take up our optional ATO audit insurance offer for 2017/18. Remember the ATO can audit returns many years after they are lodged & (unlike normal law) you are deemed guilty until you can prove otherwise.  Our policy even covers you for returns prepared by a different agent. Note the new way of paying the premium this year – direct to the insurers, not via me.
  2. The current newsletter can be accessed in the normal manner here. Don’t forget to check the website for updates regularly. This month looks at deductions for work clothing and further details about the $1.6m super balance cap.
  3. Finally, the deadline for 2016 returns is only 6 weeks away. So if you are still to submit your paperwork, please do so soon. Note it’s first come, first served and I am away for a week in May, horse-riding through the Kimberly so won’t be working then!


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