Choosing a Financial Planner


Did you know that I am one of the few Chartered Accountants who is also a financial planner? There are not many of us around – we are a very rare breed.

So why do I do both? Well I think it is really important that your financial adviser understands your tax affairs. In fact, I actually got started in the financial advice field 10 years ago as a result of my tax clients showing me financial plans that had been prepared for them by financial planners which were a tax disaster.

You know how I can help you with your tax affairs, but have you ever wondered how I can help you as a Financial Adviser? Do you even know what financial planners or advisers do?

This handy brochure may get you thinking. Check out pages 4 and 5  to see the types of assistance I can provide at your different life stages.

So, if you think we can assist don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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