Tax office audits


Just a heads up that the renewals for our ATO audit insurance will be with you in the next day or so.

The policy represents great value, covering the first $10,000 of our fees should you be audited (on any past return) in the next year.

Those especially at risk of audit are anyone with a rental property, anyone claiming large employment expense deductions and anyone with overseas income or assets (especially now the “project do-it” amnesty is over).

Although we can’t force you to take up the cover, it is recommended. Please ensure you include your reference number when making the payment, or if you are not interested please return the decline form to this office.

Any questions please call me.

Lindsay 0413 952 180

One thought on “Tax office audits

  1. Hi Lindsay, as said before I opened my Kimino (and a lot more) to the ATO in 2011 and if they can find anything since then we’ll good luck to them! If you ain’t got any socks you can’t pull em’ up! Cheers, Simon

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