Where is my BAS?

You may remember that I have mentioned the ATO is converting paper BAS to electronic BAS over the next few months.

If you are one of the chosen ones (and we have not been told who these lucky people are), as part of this process the ATO may have chosen (a sometimes apparently random) email address to send your BAS to.

Therefore if you normally get your BAS sent to you and have not seen your paper BAS for December 2014 try looking in your junk mail for an email from the ATO called “Your next BAS in now available” Online BAS notification.

If you have one of these emails you will need to register with the business portal to get an Auskey in order to complete your BAS online. This is a piece of software that sits on your computer and checks your identity when logging on to the business portal. Unfortunately they are a bit flaky – so be patient. Click on the link to register.


This registration process should take no more than five hours, endless phone calls to the ATO and will almost inevitably lead to you throwing your laptop on the floor in frustration.

Still has to be done, so poor yourself a glass of wine and have a go.


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