To Fix or not to Fix

Were you aware that fixed interest mortgage rates are pretty much at 20 year lows? Look at the purple line on the graph below.

Australian Fixed Interest Rates graph

So in many ways it makes sense to lock in a fixed rate now. If not for your entire loan, then at least for  the part of your home loan that you don’t see yourself repaying in the next three years or so.

However, you may have been put off fixed interest loans in the past, as traditionally fixed rates were associated with some rigorous conditions imposed by lenders.

Yet times have changed and some lenders now provide some very flexible alternatives including allowing extra repayments, redraw facilities, offset accounts and great fixed rates.

So, I am not a loan expert, but I know a lovely bloke who is. Give me a call and I’ll give you his details or you can go to the website and book anappointment directly –

Remember we are here to help.


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