Aged Care – Helping your parents with their finances

Here is a useful leaflet to read and remember for a future day.

It explains the basics of aged care and how I can help your parents both access care, and structure their assets to maximise their pension and minimise their aged care fees.

Add that to the estate planning tips that will be published over the next few months, and your family wealth will be protected.

Shall I sell the family home? – and other questions your parents will ask

One thought on “Aged Care – Helping your parents with their finances

  1. […] Finally, I have spent a long time this month on various courses and seminars getting my head around the aged care system in Australia, in order to help our clients and their parents navigate this somewhat confusing system. If your parents are still with us, watch this space over the next few months for tips and tricks as to how to get the best outcome for your folks. Of course, if you hear of anyone starting to think about their parents and the aged care system, please give them my number. It is really, really easy to make extraordinarily expensive mistakes which can be avoided with a bit of early planning. Questions that get asked in this emotional time & some ways we can help are detailed here. […]

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