January Reflect

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Happy New Year to you all!

Here’s hoping you had a lovely Xmas. Short Thing & I went to the UK for a couple of weeks to see the family, where it was warmish but wet. We took in a few shows and sights, stomped the streets of London and Bruges, and were amazed at the extortionate cost of rail travel!

The highlight (apart from seeing the folks of course!) was the theatre production of Warhorse; well worth going to see if you get the chance when it comes to Sydney in March.

Also worth seeing this weekend are the Youth Olympics at Homebush. This is a FREE event where you get to see tomorrow’s Olympians today.

So 2013 looks like being an interesting year. On the tax side, all tax agents now have to get 80% of their clients’ tax returns lodged on time in order for all clients (even the perfect ones) to keep their May lodgement dates. This draconian measure, which the ATO insists is purely to help us work more efficiently, will necessitate a higher level of nagging on my part – my apologies now.

So, if you have not yet got your 2012 stuff together, do it now! Use the checklist on the home page of the website to help.

Tax changes for the 2013 year are detailed in the newsletter, along with some interesting estate planning tips and the potential ramifications of divorce on your super.

On a brighter note, we have a new website almost ready to go, and a new blog with up to date news releases on it. Please sign up to the blog as soon as you can, just put your email address in the box to the right.

On the investment side, we have seen a large swing towards equities as the cash rates fall. This has been one of the factors towards the great market rises over the past 6 months and we expect that to continue as more cash moves back into the market. Try not to leave it too late to get back in!

Investing is easy. We have 2 direct share portfolios available, one resource based and one dividend based, and a vast range of managed funds that can be tailored to suit. We also have a variety of protected investments available for those who are still concerned about market falls, which although more expensive (as you are paying for the protection) may be a way of getting into the market for the more nervous. Here is an example of a protected investment.

To discuss any of these further just call for a chat.

Please feel free to forward to family and friends, and call me if you want to discuss any of these further 02 8090 4112 or 07 3103 0771






PS: thanks for all the lovely comments about the diving video – competition season starts again soon, so I’ll keep you posted. Off now to rescue flying foxes that apparently fall out of trees when it is over 40 degrees.

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